What sets us apart from the rest?
• Over 10 years experience in both PC and MAC Repair
• Microsoft Certified Technicians
• Great customer support
• Affordable Prices
• Awesome Warranty Policy

PC Setup
Bought a new PC and not sure how to hook it all up? Upgrading from an old computer?

Set up your computer and all peripherals. Copy any necessary files from your old computer to your new. (When upgrading from an old computer) Hooking up to your existing internet or network connection.


Complete Windows Reinstall
Has your Windows been getting slower and slower? Getting BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) STOP Errors? Windows will not load anymore?  A computer will never work better than when it has a fresh copy of Windows installed.

Backup hard drive. Perform a “Clean Install” of Windows. Reinstall all necessary programs.  Restore data back to your hard drive.
(Must have copies of the programs you wish to have reinstalled.)


Virus / Spyware Removal
Statistics show that 9 out of 10 computers that are connected to the Internet, without proper protection are infected with Spyware and Viruses. Does your Internet Explorer close unexpectedly with errors? Does your computer run slow and take a long time to boot? Do you get annoying pop ups, even when you are not on the internet? You probably have Spyware.

Install Virus / Spyware Protection software, if applicable. Scan and remove all Viruses / Spyware. Complete computer checkup including 38 point inspection. * (All files get backed before performing any procedures.)


Software Installation
Bought a new piece of software you need to have installed and configured? Have a piece of software not working like it should?

Install and configure software.
(Does not include Operating System Installation, See Complete Windows Installation)


Wireless Network Installation
Want to share your internet connection with the other computers in the house? Have a laptop and want to surf the internet freely around the house?

Install your wireless router and connect all wired and wireless computers to it. Setup wireless encryption to protect network from unauthorized users. Setup file and printer sharing if applicable.
(Hardware not included – We will examine your needs and give you a quote on all necessary hardware at no charge.)



Hardware Installation
Bought a new printer and need to have it installed? Adding a DVD writer to your computer? Need extra memory installed? Whatever the piece of hardware have it professionally installed.

Install and configure new hardware. Test to make sure it is working properly.
(Hardware not included)


Upgrade Hard Drive
Running out of space and need a larger hard drive?

Clone your current hard drive on to your new one.
(Hardware not included – Need a larger drive and not sure what to get? Not a problem we will access your needs and choose the correct one to fit your needs. We sell hard drives too!)


Backup Installation
The worst time to realize how much information you had on your hard drive and how important it was to you is after is it gone. Just because your hard drive has been working perfectly fine for the last 2 years does not mean it always will.

Install External USB hard drive and backup software. Configure software to backup at customer’s preference.
(Hardware not included)


Computer Repair Pricing


Service Price
PC Setup $69.99
Operating System Re-install $109.99
Virus Removal $99.99
Software Installation $99.99
 Wireless Router Setup $99.99
 Wireless Printer Setup $99.99
 Data Recovery $129.00 starting
 Hard Drive Replacement (Hard drive not included) $99.99 + parts
 LCD Screen Replacement (LCD not included) $99.99



iMac Repair

Mac Liquid Damage Repair